PINE Executive- Budget Rich Dual-SIM

The Pine Executive has a sleek and delicate human curvature design, with a predominant plastic strip running across the body contours of the cellphone. It has an all plastic body, coated with a glossy finish which gives a shiny look to the front and back-panels. The battery cover reveals a weak build quality and could break easily under rugged use. The battery cover can be removed simply, using the marked nail grip at the bottom surface of the back-panel. Removing the battery cover and the battery, reveals two GSM SIM card slots and one microSD memory card slot. It incorporates an USB power port on the lower left hand side and a torchlight bulb at the bottom surface of the cellphone. The torchlight can be turned on using the specially designated torch key at the top of the keypad, located to the right of the navigation control/select buttons.

The keypad consists of narrow-ridged spacings separating the keys and the call function buttons located on either side of the navigation control dial, which is located just below the LCD screen at the centre. The keypad has a blue backlit LED that lends an attractive look to it. In spite of the closely spaced keys, we found the keys to be very responsive and yielded good tactile feedback while typing lengthy messages. The menu interface is very simple and user-friendly. The application software includes some interesting features like data security, where you can lock your data stored on the phone or memory card with a password and also choose whether to enable protection for phonebook, SMS, MMS, call history, file manager or all of them.


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