nVIDDIA GT430 listed,priced.

Nvidia’s new GF 108 GPU should launch in mid October and we’ve come across the first listing of a Gigabyte GT 430 board, courtesy of an Austrian retailer.

However, the listing doesn’t paint the full picture, as it’s missing some rather basic specs, so here’s what we do know. The board is designated GV-N430OC-1GI and apparently it’s overclocked. Here’s where it gets tricky, as the listing does not feature clock speeds and at this point we’re really not sure about reference clocks, either.

Bear in mind that early listings are notoriously unreliable, but it appears that the GT 430 will feature 96 shaders and 16 texture units. Basically it’s a GF 106 cut in half, so no surprise there. The listed version features 1GB of DDR3 memory on a 128-bit bus, but there’s also talk of a GDDR5 version. Still, the specs are sketchy at best, so let’s take a look at the price.

The card is listed at €73, but we’re talking about an OC version, so the MSRP for reference boards is probably a bit lower, i.e. €69. This is half way between AMD’s Redwood-based HD 5570 and HD 5670 so it’s safe to assume that the performance will somewhere in between as well. However, Redwood has been around since February, and Nvidia is late to the party, and we don’t mean fashionably late. In fact, HD 6000 series cards should start appearing in two weeks time, just like the GT 430. AMD has already made a bundle on the HD 5000 series and we’re also expecting price cuts as the company phases them out in favor of new HD 6000 parts.

Speaking of which, a German shop is already shipping PowerColor’s HD 5670 with 512MB of GDDR5 for just €51. That’s nothing short of a bargain and it’s a great deal for anyone in the market for a cheap DirectX 11 board.


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