Rumor:AMD plans to releae technicla details for HD 6xxx series on 19th October.

Nvidia has been soaking up all the positive press lately, and with just cause. The GTX 460 has proven itself to be a solid competitor against the midrange AMD 5000 series GPU’s, and the upcoming launch of the new GT 430 will round out a very capable portfolio of DX11 parts.

ATI remains competitive for the moment, but many have been left wondering when they would announce their follow up to Fermi, the answer it would seem is very soon. The last rumor we heard was that the AMD 6000 series cards would be hitting the streets sometime in November, and we can now further validate this date based on new reports citing that the company plans to release all the technical details on October 19th at its annual Technical Forum and Exhibition show in Taipei.

The first card expected to be announced is the AMD 6870, a replacement high end enthusiast part, however even this rumor is contradicted in a few sources we found. Either way if you have been hovering your mouse cursor over the 1-click buy button lately this is one of the rare instances where it might actually pay off to wait a couple weeks to see what happens. At the very least it’s reasonable to expect that the current 5000 series cards will see a long awaited price drop, something I’m sure many of you have been waiting for.

Will AMD continue to place the emphasis on performance per watt, or simply go for the home run? Let us know what you expect the 6000 series to deliver after the jump.


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