More details about GT 430(rumored)

Guys from managed to get details regarding the upcoming Nvidia GF108 based GT 430 graphics card. Although some of the specs have already been leaked thanks to the early listing of Gigabyte’s GT 430 OC card some details like the actual reference clocks or the TDP were still unknown.

According to the post, the GT 430 is based on the 40nm GF108 GPU, has 96 CUDA cores and 16 TMUs. The rest of the specs include a 128-bit memory interface paired up with 1GB of DDR3 memory. According to, the reference clocks for this card stand at 700MHz for the GPU, 1400MHz for those 96 CUDA cores and 1800MHz for memory. The TDP is rated at 56W, and it features dual-DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort outputs.

The card is scheduled to launch on October 13th, and although the price hasn’t been detailed, early listings puts it somewhere between €60 and €70 in Europe


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