OLPC gets funding from Marvell to develop low cost tablet – XO

OLPC XO 3 Tablet

Marvell has just officially partnered with the One Laptop per Child Foundation, and will be providing it with $5.6 million to help further the development of a new tablet computer. Nicholas Negroponte, the man behind OLPC, says: “Their money is a grant to the OLPC Foundation to develop a tablet or tablets based on their chip.”

Called the XO 3 tablet as it represents the third generation of the XO laptop, the new tablet will be based on the Armada System-on-Chip (Soc) that will be provided by Marvell, feature a Pixel Qi low power display that is also flexible, and is slated for a 2012 release. Marvell and OLPC will also be showing another tablet at CES 2011, one meant for children of the developed world, which will not feature the OLPC brand name.

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