Radeon HD 6870 goes full monty

AMD Radeon HD 6850 is going to end up some 50MHz faster than the leaks originally suggested. Official clock should be 775MHz.

The card has 960 Stream processors and raw power of 1.5 TFLOPs. As we said before, the card has 1GB GDDR5 memory with 256-bit memory interface resulting in speed of 4.0Gbps. In layman’s terms, the memory runs at 1000MHz.

The launch is next Friday, October 22nd, and this card fights the slower version of Geforce GTX 460 with 768MB just fine. It should be slightly faster, but again we expect it will cost more.

The cheapest GTX 460 with 768MB sells for around €150 including VAT at European etail, and we believe that Radeon HD 6850 will end up being much more expensive. Of course, pricing can literally change in the last minutes, but we expect to have fixed prices next week.

This is definitely the most exciting launch in years, as things are changing even on the eve of launch.


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