Google catches Gingerbread Man; new Android forthcoming

With so many sweet names getting tossed around, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of which cavity inducing treat applies to which version of Google’s Android mobile operating system. With endless rumours about whether or not Gingerbread will be a full version release, or if Honeycomb will have the honour, it has been a sticky time for journalists rushing to cover the latest and greatest. Uncovered by forum member vincent; Googlers have uploaded a video over the weekend which lends credence to a timely release of the company’s next iteration of the popular OS.

Google hasn’t been forthcoming about version numbers and many believe that Gingerbread will only be an incremental release rather than a full version update. The seeming lack of blockbuster features has fans reeling as WP7 is also fresh on the market, and Google may have to step up their game to tackle the new competitor. Rumoured release features include stability fixes, video chat, and VOIP.

Google has been tight lipped about this update, but the Gingerbread Man erection shows that the excitement isn’t just contained to fans, but to Googlers as well.


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