Microsoft’s first Kinect prototype cost them $30,000

With the launch of Microsoft’s Kinect motion control device only two weeks away, more details have been released showing how Microsoft went about designing the hardware and software before deciding on price points and how best to make it. One interesting piece released over the weekend has been about the news that the first ever Kinect prototype cost a whopping $30,000 to produce. Yes, that is just one Kinect prototype.

The New York Times had a chat with Tim Nichols who worked on the device at Microsoft and reveals that despite spending millions on creating the motion control device, selling it at just $150 will still turn in a profit for the company.

Other interesting points made were that Kinect can pick up when twins use the device. It will ask them if you are “A or B” if it can’t tell the difference between them. It also even knows the difference between noise from the television and the user’s voice input.

Kinect has already been selling very well even before hitting stores thanks to high pre-orders and some good early marketing from Microsoft. A number of websites and high street stores have already sold out of the device, while others are asking for a small deposit and for potential buyers to queue up at midnight on launch day in the hope of getting their hands on one.

Kinect launches in North America on November 4 and then in Europe on November 10.


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