Zotac dual-GTX 460 board spotted

Expreview has scooped a series of rather interesting photos which appear to show a dual GF104 board, courtesy of Zotac.

Mind you, there has been plenty of speculation surrounding a possible dual-GPU Nvidia board based on the GF104, but it’s still unclear whether this is merely an experiment cooked up in Zotac’s labs or something with Nvidia’s blessing. We’re guessing the former.

The board features two GF104 cores, an NF200 bridge chip and two 8-pin power connectors. Each core is backed by 1GB of GDDR5 memory for a total of 2GB. If the board ever goes into production, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a 4GB version, either.

It appears to be a rather sound concept, as the GF104 is the most competitive GPU Nvidia has to offer at the moment. It’s a good overclocker and it should scale well in SLI. However, it just seems to be too little too late. If AIBs were really keen on building and marketing such cards, they really should have done so months ago, hence we doubt that we will actually see dual GTX 460 cards on the market in any significant numbers.


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