88% of businesses moving to Windows 7, 94% satisfaction rate

Today, at PDC 2010, Steve Ballmer took the stage to announce some exciting new products and updates to Windows, Azure and many more products.

During the announcement, Steve Ballmer talked about how Windows 7 has surpassed Microsoft’s expectations and became the fastest selling operating system in history. One problem Microsoft has been facing is convincing businesses that Windows 7 is not Windows Vista and upgrading from the no-longer supported Windows XP (SP2 and lower).

During Ballmers keynote speech, he announced that 88% of businesses are moving towards upgrading to Windows 7 and 240 million licenses have been sold so far.

Ballmer also announced that Windows 7 has a 94% overall satisfaction rate, a significant improvement over Windows Vista. The next major announcement was that IDC predicts that 409 million PCs will ship with Windows 7 in 2011, the most PCs ever shipped in a single year.


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