White iPhone 4 shipping in Germany

If you’ve got money to burn
Although Apple recently announced that the white iPhone 4 won’t appear in retail until spring 2011, a German e-tailer has already started shipping the elusive handset.

However, since there are next to no white iPhones in circulation, Notebook.de has decided to sell it at a premium, and quite a hefty one. A plain, black iPhone 4 16GB would set you back between €649 and €699 in the EU market, but the white one goes for €1999. The 32GB model is listed at €2199. Speaking of white stuff, that is a margin that would put Tony Montana to shame.

The retailer specifically states that phones in question are not modified in any way and that they are factory packaged, describing them as a “rarity”. While it might be true that you can’t put a price on exclusivity, this is just over the top for anyone but spoiled bourgeoisie brats or drug dealers, successful ones that is.


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