Gamestop to sell X-BOX live Content.

U.S. video game retailer GameStop has its tentacles wrapped pretty tightly around most of the video game industry, the exception being downloadable content sold after a title is released. That will all change early next year as GameStop revealed today. GameStop announced that it will expand its digital initiative by selling Xbox Live download codes on

Once the feature launches, customers will be able to purchase download codes for Xbox Live content such as Xbox Live Arcade games and supplemental DLC for games. Customers will receive a confirmation code after purchasing content, along with instructions on how to download it.

Amazon cancelled a similar initiative earlier this year that had the online retailer selling downloadable Xbox Live codes, although the online retailer – like GameStop – still sells Microsoft Points that can be redeemed for Xbox Live content.

GameStop, which had fiscal 2009 revenues of over $9 billion, already sells full PC digital downloads on its website, as physical shelf space for PC games in stores continues to shrink. The retailer brings in much of its profits from the sale of used disc-based video games, and gradually has been making the transition from physical to digital business models.

“Coming soon,” was the only answer as to when the Xbox Live content will be made available.


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