Pentium 6960 comes in Q1 2011

Intel is still tweaking its roadmap and it appears that it is planning to launch the fastest Pentium to date. Intel currently sells Pentium 6950 for around €70 and for this price you can get a dual-core “Clarkdale” 32nm with integrated graphics and 2.8GHz clock speed. In the US the same CPU sells at $99.99, which seems quite high.

Intel wants to set the bar higher and introduce a new Clarkdale, now clocked at 2.93GHz while the graphics works at 533MHz. It is a 73W part that fits in the LGA 1156 socket.

The launch date is Q1 2011 and this is the only change to existing Q1 2011 plan. Don’t worry, Intel still plans to launch thirteen new Sandy Bridge based Core 2xx0 CPUs .


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