I got a fresh update on what happens after GTX 580 eventually launches. There should be a faster card, coming most likely in December 2010.

The new card is based on two GF100-derived cores, probably similar to the GF104, so we can only imagine the TDP of that card. I guess for this time is at least 400W card, something that will get very hot indeed. It would appear that we are almost at the verge of a new era, where water cooling will be a must.

AMD also plans Antilles, Radeon HD 6970 dual Cayman card, and this one also looks to be quite a hot one. A GF100GX2 was on the roadmap for quite some time, but Nvidia never decided to release the card. We guess that chose to drop it because of its enormous TDP, courtesy of two GF100 chips.

So the launch is this year, which usually means December, but we know that super high end enthusiasts will wait to see who wins this round Radeon HD 6970 or Geforce GTX 5×0 GX2, before they make the buying decision.


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