Microsoft launches Xbox LIVE Rewards program

Microsoft has officially launched their XBOX LIVE rewards program today. The program is open to all Xbox LIVE members, both paid and free.

Though the program is open to the Silver Xbox LIVE members, the Gold Xbox LIVE members will be able to take advantage of more opportunities to earn reward points. Users will earn points for things like purchasing an Xbox Live Gold membership, or purchase game and movies from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. According to USA today, Microsoft will also be offering surveys and promotions to help users earn more points.

Get this: You can earn Rewards Points for doing what you do best – having fun! Whether it’s games or entertainment, with Xbox LIVE Rewards it’s easy.

Microsoft began testing the rewards system in early November but announced many details or an official release date. They have, rather quietly, launched the rewards program and it is open to all Xbox LIVE members.


One thought on “Microsoft launches Xbox LIVE Rewards program

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