iPad still growing!

According to a fresh DisplaySearch survey, Apple’s iPad is continuing to gain market share in developed markets and it’s also pushing overall Apple sales up.

In Q3 Apple ranked third in mobile PC shipments worldwide, but it took the number one spot in North America. The iPad made up eight percent of total mobile PC shipments and 95 percent of all iPads sold in Q3 ended up in developed markets, primarily the US and Canada.

However, the iPad is also facing some challenges, particularly in non-English speaking markets. IT Market Research Director at DisplaySearch Hidetoshi Himuro noted that non-English content was still sparse and that users still had to own a PC of some sort to download iTunes content.

“As a result, penetration in developing markets will be slow,” said Himuro.

We would also note that obscene pricing will probably have a negative effect on iPad sales in developing markets.

As for the rest of the worldwide mobile PC market, HP is still in the lead with a 17.3 percent share and Acer is trailing in close second, with a 16.5 percent share. Apple ranked third with 12.4 percent, while Dell and Toshiba managed 11 and 8 percent respectively.


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