Otellini touts 35 tablet design wins


Speaking at a tech conference on Wednesday, Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced that the chipmaker has secured 35 tablet design wins. Most will run Windows, but about a third will go for Google’s Android OS and a few vendors will introduce MeeGo products.

Intel’s upcoming Atom chips should deliver sufficiently low TDPs to allow use in tablets and even smartphones at a later date and Intel has apparently formally launched a division dedicated to tablets. Most smartphones and tablets are currently based on the ARM architecture, but Intel is looking to change that. Although we’ve seen several Atom based tablets, and even CULV based models, Intel has simply lacked power efficient processors capable of competing with ARM in this market segment.

Commenting the success of Apple’s iPad, which runs Apple’s A4 processor, based on ARM architecture, Otellini said that notebooks are still the more important market segment, as more than a million are sold each day, while Apple’s sells just over a million iPads each month. “I think it’s easy to forget about how important laptops are to people’s lives,” he said.

Still, Intel is clearly interested in the emerging tablet market, as well as the smartphone market, as these are practically the only two major processor markets where it has not secure a foothold.


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