Screenshots of UI of Adam!

So, log on to the Notion Ink site, and book your Adam! There are four available variants, and pricing starts at $357.33 for the entry-level variant, which will offer an LCD screen and Wi-Fi connectivity. Next up is the LCD Wi-Fi + 3G model, going for $425.33. The Pixel Qi transreflective display bearing Adam’s are as expected, much more expensive, and go for $499.45 for the Wi-Fi only version, while the Wi-Fi + 3G version goes for $549.99.

If you were hoping to pre-order a Pixel Qi display bearing Adam, you should have done so when you had the chance, because they are now all officially sold out! Well, at least you can have the LCD version!

Shipping will conclude in 6-8 weeks from booking date, and just in case you got a defective piece, you unfortunately are not assured of free replacement according to the current terms and conditions, instead, there’s a 5% “repack” fee and a 5% “service fee” that will be added on.

Check out the Adam’s latest revealed user interface images below, featuring native custom apps designed by the Notion Ink team.



Onscreen Keyboard:


Music player:


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