AMD HD 6950 works at 800MHz

I managed to score more details regarding the upcoming AMD Cayman based cards. According to the latest specifications, the HD 6950 ended up clocked at 800MHz for the GPU and has 1408 Stream Processors, 22 SIMDs (two SIMDs less than the HD 6970) and 88 Texture Units.

The info that I now have looks solid and it appears to be what AMD has been telling its partners and selected press about its upcoming Cayman based HD 6970 and the HD 6950 cards. The HD 6950 is capable of delivering 2.25 TFLOPs of compute power and uses the VLIW4 shader architecture, same as the HD 6970.

The GDDR5 memory on HD 6950 cards ended up clocked at 1250MHz (5.0Gbps) and paired up with a 256-bit memory interface, which is a bit lower than the 5.5Gbps on the HD 6970. The interesting thing is that both cards will be equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

The TDP, something that has been quite a debatable topic recently, is set at 200W. Note that 200W is AMD’s PowerTune Maximum Power whereas typical gaming power is set at 140W. Idle TDP is set at 20W, same as the HD 6970. The card needs two 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors and has two DVI, two mini-DP and an HDMI output.

The card has already found its way to some of the press guys, and should launch on 15th of December.


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