Nvidia attacks AMD great drivers claim

AMD’s Catalyst team recently wrote about how great their drivers are.
Igor Stanek, Senior Product PR Manager EMEA, a well known Nvidia representative went on the record with the following:

“This shows how desperate AMD is these days.  These claims are just nonsense and are from a study funded by AMD. AMD should focus their resources on fixing the Image Quality problems found by legitimate investigators which prove their Radeon products are no match for our superior GeForce products.”

It appears that Nvidia wants to slap AMD around, so it will be quite interesting to see how the red team responds.

On a separate note AMD just launched Catalyst 10.12, the last one for this year and this one will even get DivX support for 6800 series and most likely even 6900 series after it launches. It will be available as of December 15th.



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