ASUS Launches New AMD HD6900 Series Graphics Cards

ASUS has introduced AMD’s new 6900 series of Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) and like Radeon HD 6800 series they are shipping the cards with a 10MHz overclock. The Radeon HD6970 and HD6950 graphics cards field the latest graphics cores from AMD, dubbed “Cayman”. The ASUS 6970 and 6950 easily surpass previous generation of AMD video cards in terms of performance levels in single GPU designs.

Both the EAH6970 and EAH6950 cards feature AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology, AMD HD3D technology and DirectX 11 support. In addition, exclusive ASUS Voltage Tweak overclocking technology offers a superior overclocking experience allowing users to adjust the GPU voltage to reach higher than reference clock speeds. The EAH6970 and EAH6950 also ship with factory overclocked cores set to 890MHz and 810MHz ensuring that even straight out the box users have better gaming performance. With cutting-edge technology and a range of exclusive performance-boosting improvements gamers or enthusiasts cannot go wrong with the ASUS EAH6900 Series.


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