Opera 11 released with more goodies.


After mere two days of launching the RC version, Opera Software ha released the flagship Opera 11 desktop browser complete with extensions and their innovation “tab stacking” .

Opera is a well known for its fast development and with the latest offering, Opera is meeting its developmental speed as well as Browser speed.

The beta was released two months ago and till now we have seen 9 releases which is good.

Opera 11 has a decent share of hype last month with a reason. Well the reason is it has huge number of improvements over the previous version with nice additions such as extensions and tab stacking and other goodies like new mouse gestures. The old favourites still remain such as Opera Turbo, Sync and Link.

It seems they have copied Google Chrome in suggestions to Address bar.

The installation process is also somewhat fast or perhaps it’s my case but its fast nontheless.

Opera has improved a lot with this version and is trying to get the speed crown and the try is good.

So will it will gain more market share?

Just wait and see and for now, DOWNLOAD.

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