WP7 vs. Windows PC Gaming?


Microsoft has launched the WP7 a few months ago and developing the platform to be more robust and more gaming capable. Microsoft is trying hard to  make WP7 a good gaming platform since day one. But till now, one thing is missing- multiplayer gaming between a Windows PC and WP7 device.

The gap was filled in an uninteresting manner by “Game Chest:Logic Games”  , a US 2.99$ app that allows to play Ches matches between a Windows PC and WP7 device. After sending an invite to the opponent, the PC user can play via web.

Gaming via Xbox Live is a cornerstone for Microsoft’s mobile strategy and MS has indicated that WP& vs. X-Box 360 gaming will be the next thing. In December 2009, Microsoft announced cross-platform games that can work across WP7, X-Box 360 and Windows PC and gaming session maintained in all three platforms.



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