Samsung bada 2.0 detailed.

Samsung bada’s first year-anniversary that coincided with South Korea’s developer day was more than just announcing winners of the Samsung Apps contest. Samsung also highlighted bada OS’ future, confirming that the Korean giant plans to support it strongly.

The bada OS which is currently at v1.2 will get a major leap next year in the form of bada 2.0. As you can see from the image, there will be lots of new features added like an improved user interface, Near Field Communication (NFC) support, smarter home screen, SDK support for Linux and Mac, 3rd party SNS integration and more.

Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t confirmed if older Wave devices will be blessed with this major update or not.

In addition to the OS update, Samsung has also projected to sell more than 10 million Wave devices in the first half of next year, which I assume includes this year’s sales figure as well.


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