Acer’s 10-inch Android Tablet Spotted on YouTube!

A video was uploaded to Youtube today that shows some deatils of Acer’s upcoming 10-inch Android Tablet PC. This is the tablet that is supposed to be announced at CES 2011!

While Acer wasn’t willing to let us power on its forthcoming Android tablets at its press event last month, it looks like the company just doesn’t have the same kind of control over its partners or employees. Three videos of what appears to be Acer’s 10-inch Android tablet have popped up on YouTube, and not only is the slate powered on, but the footage provides a pretty clear look at some of Acer’s custom Android apps. The entire UI looks like it’s still in a beta stage and the video itself looks like it is some sort of internal test demo — don’t forget Acer is planning to ship these with Honeycomb in April — but the company seems to be messing around with gyroscope-based page turns and some unique zoom gestures within the photo / e-reader application. We’re assuming the tablet is running Froyo as there’s a quick peek at the homescreen and app drawer in the first video, but other than that we’re really at a loss for details here.


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