Dell is working on a Windows 8 tablet for Q1 2012

Dell has had quite a leak occur today that is showing off a few of their upcoming mobile products. While several new phones and tablets were shown off, the biggest piece of bait is that they are working on a Windows 8 tablet called Peju.

While details of the tablet are not known, what is known is that it is expected to land in Q1 of 2012. If the tablet is supposed to launch then, it is easy to assume that Windows 8 will have been released for public consumption at that point. But this date does not tie very closely to other dates that had been leaked, so that Q1 2012 launch window for Windows 8 may be a bit premature.

These tablets are expected to ship in 2011 before the Windows 8 based device will hit the retail market.

If you’re looking forward to Windows 8, the evidence pointing towards a 2012 launch appears to be getting stronger. While this timeframe is still far off, Dell would be in a position to know when to expect the product from Microsoft.


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