Kinect SDK for Windows Coming this Spring

When the Kinect first launched, Microsoft seemed unsure how to respond to the dedicated modding community that sprang up around the Xbox peripheral. Happily, they decided to accept the inevitable, if not fully embrace it. But now Microsoft itself will be dropping aKinect SDK for Windows  this spring.

The SDK will be a collaborative effort of the Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) and Microsoft Research. With the official development kit, modders will have easy access to more parts of the Kinect system. We’re talking about full access to the audio and video sensor interfaces with a more optimized development environment. The Kinect hacks so far have been impressive, but the next wave could really blow us all away.

Kinect has proven to be a unique system for natural user interface, and having this input on a PC could be interesting indeed. The SDK will be free for any interested parties. Do you think Microsoft will sell more Kinects because of this?


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