HTC One X vs. Samsung Galaxy S III. Which one is better?








There’s lot of heat going on in high-end mobile phone market these days. More and more people are jumping into the high-end Smartphone bandwagon due to the sheer number of features and performance they get in that range .

Last month, HTC made a solid comeback with its Quad Core flagship Monster i.e. HTC One X. Being the first and only Quad Core Mobile Phone, there wasn’t any competition,  atleast until few days back. That’s when Samsung brought their own Quad Core Flagship i.e. Samsung Galaxy S III  into the market to eat into the One X market share.
So both Samsung and HTC have jumped into the Quad Core bandwagon and have given the crowds a choice. And making right choice at this price point is all more important. So here goes a comparison between the two.

The phones are almost same in dimensions with One X being somewhat smaller at 134.4mm x 69.9mm  vs. 136.6mm x 70.6mm of Galaxy S III. Weight wise too, both are almost same with One X being 130g and Galaxy s III 133g. Galaxy S III is slimmer of both with 8.6mm vs. One X’s 8.9mm.

Size wise both the displays are almost same with Galaxy S III being minutely bigger than One X 4.8” Screen at 4.9”. Both the displays have the same resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels with Galaxy S III having almost same pixel density of One X at 306ppi vs. 312ppi. Talking of sub-pixel density, Galaxy S III is behind One X at 612 vs. 936 due to the pentile matrix used in S III’s SUPER AMOLED Panel. But, it won’t make much difference in regular usage. Brightness wise, One X Super IPC LCD2 has ace over Galaxy S III’s SUPER AMOLED as it is 66% brighter.

So overall, both screens are high quality but Super IPS LCD2 has an edge over S III’s SUPER AMOLED.

Processor is a crucial part of a smartphone. Both phones have powerful Quad Cores with One X having NVIDIA Tegra3 1.5GHz and Galaxy S III having Samsung’s own Exynos 4 1.4GHz.  On paper One X seems to have an edge but Galaxy SIII is reasonably ahead in almost all the benchmarks with One X performing slightly better in Pi. But you can’t tell the difference in normal usage scenarios.

Storage wise Galaxy SIII is a much better choice as it comes in 3 variants with 16/32/64GB built-in memory with support for upto 64GB microSD which equates to 128GB of maximum capacity. On the other hand One X only comes in one variant with 32GB built-in memory without support for any kind of external memory.

Both the phones have same resolution Cameras i.e. 8MP with ability to record 1080p and 720p videos and both phones can capture pictures simultaneously along with recording videos. The lens of SIII is slightly and talking of image quality, Galaxy SIII has a slight edge over One X.

Both Galaxy SIII and One X run on same OS i.e. Android 4.0 ICS with different UIs. Samsung has its latest Touchwiz 4.0 over Vanilla ICS while HTC has its SENSE UI 4.0.  Of both the UIs, HTC’s Sense UI is better in almost every respect like functionality, eye candy etc.

In this department, Galaxy SIII is a pure winner. One, it has a rating of 2100mAh vs One X’s 1800 mAH and two, SUPER AMOLED is quite an energy saver. In real life test of playing SD video with full battery Samsung lasted more than 1.5x time than HTC.

HTC One X is available in markets for approximately 36,000 INR and Samsung too is expected to launch Galaxy SIII in this price point i.e. 35,000-37,000 INR.

It all depends on you and your requirements. We have done the comparisons between almost every crucial department and hopefully have eased your task of choosing the better phone.


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