I am Gurpreet Verma a.K.a gEEK, a 15-yrs. old techie from Punjab. I m in 11th Class and and I have great interest in Coding, hacking, blogging and everything about Tech.

Now about my hobbies, I love to do Net browsing, coding,  reading hardware reviews, blogging, Social Networking and learning new things. I also play games on Computer but I m not a hardcore gamer either. I love technology and gadgets.

“Technology is my soul and gadgets are my life,
Technology is my soul and gadgets are my life,
Me without tech is like husband without Wife!!!

I m n00b in blogging but blogging is my hobby and gives me immense pleasure!!

REMEMBER: “Today’s n00b is tomorrow’s gEEK,
Today’s n00b is tomorrow’s gEEK,
so don’t underestimate anyone as weak!!!!!!


17 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Wow! Thank you! I continually needed to write on my website something like that. Can I implement a part of your post to my blog?

  2. Hello I locate in Russia so I don’t write English very well. I write to you, because I like your site really much. That one is my favourite.

  3. Hey,
    I read your letter to the editor in the latest digit magazine, and the one thing i was curious to know was: how did you exactly come up with the whole site? and the domain name?

    Ps. You must be tired of hearing this, but good job for a 14 year old. This does prove that we all cant be underestimated 😀

  4. hi geek i know you read digit (magazine) . i read a letter that you sent to digit . i am a 13yrs old boy . i also like blogging and developing sites . i am developing one. are you on Facebook ? i will search for you . your blog is very good . i want to know how to hack ? ( i want to become white hat…………..)mail me please .

    1. hello tell me ur facebook profile i will add u!
      mail me!!!
      and i am bust preparing for IIT JEE for these 2 years so i will not be active on net!!!
      thats why i dont update my blog!

  5. Hey dude, I just found your blog in a magazine ‘digit’ – December 2010 edition! Actually I am inspired by it now! I am glad to know that that magazine is like your brother! Also have a look on our site Technostreak.com

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